December 4, 2023

27.11.2023 – Companions

Today we had two companions. Even when it seems as if we are alone at sea, we are accompanied by the eyes of our spotter Drumond. […]
December 1, 2023

24.11.2023 – Oceanic sleepyheads

Everyone needs sleep. This rest phase is necessary so that the body can regenerate and process impressions. During sleep you not only recover, it is time […]
November 24, 2023

17.11.2023 – Glimpse

Cuvier’s beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) are fascinating animals. They are perfectly adapted to the depths of the sea, after all they are able to dive down […]
November 21, 2023

14.11.2023 – Elegant swing into the blue

Today our spotter Drumond found some Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) for us. Thanks Drumond! We had the luxury of only being there with our boats Stenella […]
November 16, 2023

09.11.2023 – Rounded heads

This morning our guests were able to observe four different species of marine mammals. Three of these four species had very similar external characteristics, namely a […]
November 14, 2023

07.11.2023 – Something you should never do

Today our guests brought something with them and took something with them home. In the morning we had Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) resting just outside the […]
November 10, 2023

01.11.2023 – Sunshine trips

Finally there was sunshine and a calm sea again. This is a pleasant change after the high swell of the last few days and the weather […]
November 6, 2023

30.10.2023 – Goodbye’s

At the moment we are enjoying every encounter with the Cory’s shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea). Some have already set off on their winter journey, but there are […]
November 3, 2023

27.10.2023 – Between the crests of the waves

In the morning our guests proved that they are true wave riders. The journey went west towards the high swell. The motto was simply to go […]